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China Center Staff

Joan Brzezinski, Executive Director

Joan BrzezinskiPhone: 612-625-5080
Email: brzez001@umn.edu

Joan Brzezinski, executive director of the China Center and Confucius Institute, graduated from Hamline University with a bachelor’s degree in East Asian history and later finished a Master of International Management degree at the University of St. Thomas. While at Hamline University, she was selected to participate in the reciprocal exchange program at Peking University, the first undergraduate-level exchange program with a private university in the U.S.

For more than twenty years, Joan worked in tourism and travel marketing and operations in China and the U.S and later as a business consultant to companies working in China. She has made more than thirty trips to China and has visited most major regions of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 1997, she joined the China Center where she administered the China Center’s business and activities. In 2008, Joan became the director of the newly established Confucius Institute. Since then, she has assisted the State of Minnesota in their discussions with the Hanban regarding a state-level visiting teachers program, developed a number of professional development seminars and meetings for Chinese language teachers throughout Minnesota, and worked with school districts to bring quality Chinese language programming to schools and enhance Chinese cultural offerings throughout Minnesota.


Mandy Xue Bai, Assistant Director

Mandy BaiPhone: 612-626-2287
Email: bai@umn.edu

Mandy drives the China Center’s scholarship programs, community outreach and corporate engagement. With passion in advancing the China Center’s role in supporting the education, business, and cultural exchanges between Minnesota and the Greater China area, she works on building positive relationships with the Minnesota community and leverages these resources with students and faculty members. Before joining the China Center, she worked at the Carlson Global Institute on the business school education abroad programs across Asia, South America, and Europe. In her early career in China, she worked for China Technology Innovation Corporation in Beijing to explore international markets in America and Western Europe. Mandy has a B.A. in English and International Studies from China Foreign Affairs University, an M.A. in Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.


Chunhui Ma, Training Program Director

Chunhui MaPhone: 612-625-2913
Email: maxx0153@umn.edu

Chunhui has lived in three countries: China, Canada, and the United States. Previously, she has worked in positions that utilize her Chinese cultural background and her substantial understanding of the North American culture. In Canada, she conducted numerous cross-cultural training and consulting sessions for employees from multinational companies and their families prior to their departure to China and other Asian countries. In the United States, she worked as a director of the EMBA Program for International Leadership at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. That program has provided management training for Chinese government officials and executives from state-owned enterprises. As the director of the Mingda Institute for Leadership Training, she hopes to leverage her prior experience, cross-cultural communication skills, and her research interest in the transfer of learning in training program development and implementation. She aims to develop better customized training programs for Chinese trainees and provide them an effective learning platform.


Zhengyang Gao, Training Program Manager

Zhengyang GaoPhone: 612-626-9386
Email: gaoxx777@umn.edu

Zhengyang joined the China Center in summer 2014. He is pleased to be part of the China Center for increasing exchanges between the University of Minnesota and China. He graduated with the Leadership in Student Affairs Master's Degree from the University of St. Thomas. Prior to that he studied for his Bachelor's Degree in Korean Literature in South Korea. He is interested in learning new cultures and helping other international students understand the culture differences. He is excited to contibute to the China Center using his international education and communciation knowledges, and to work with Chinese training delegations.


Qian (Elly) Wang, Training Program Specialist

qian_wanPhone: 612-624-2372
Email: wang4095@umn.edu

Elly first joined the China Center in summer 2014 where she worked as a student assistant before becoming a training program specialist in winter 2015. Elly graduated with a Master's Degree of Education in Second Language and Culture from the University of Minnesota. Growing up in China, Elly volunteered at summer camps, translated for foreign ambassadors, and spent one year teaching TOEFL and IELTS in New Oriental. As a cross-cultural communicator, Elly is looking forward to promoting interaction, communication, and understanding between people who are from different cultures and to act as a bridge between China and the United States.


Emily Hanson, Community Programs Specialist

Emily HansonPhone: 612-624-0016
Email: hans0996@umn.edu

Emily joined the Confucius Institute staff in 2008 and in 2012 her position grew to also include the China Center. She has a master’s degree in Comparative and International Development Education and bachelor’s degree in Global Studies, both from the University of Minnesota. Emily serves on the board of Yinghua Academy, which was the first Chinese immersion charter school in the United States. Emily began her study of Chinese language at Minneapolis South High School. During her junior year she participated in School Year Abroad, a semester-long high school program in Beijing. She continued her study of Chinese at the University of Minnesota and Lewis & Clark College. Emily has spent the majority of her career in the nonprofit sector, including positions with a Chinese adoption agency and educational organizations in literacy and the arts. As Community Programs Specialist, Emily manages many of the China Center’s events and activities at the University and in the community.


Pashoua Vang, Program and Project Specialist

Pashoua VangPhone: 612-625-5210
Email: vang0851@umn.edu

Pashoua joined the China Center after earning her bachelor's degree in Global Studies and Asian Languages and Literature from the University of Minnesota. She studied in China through the U.S. Department  of State's National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program, participated in a Humphrey School of Public Affairs faculty-led program, and was a recipient of the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship in Taiwan. Pashoua's undergraduate experience included serving as a board member for the Hmong Minnesota Student Association (HMSA), providing mentorship to students in the President's Emerging Scholars Program, contributing to research at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and participation in the Community Engagement Scholars Program (CESP). Prior to joining the team, Pashoua was a scholar for the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership and interned at an international education nonprofit in Washington, DC. Her research and professional interests include international education and development, culture preservation, refugee and immigrant acculturation, and civic engagement. 


Rachel Baumhover, Executive Office and Administrative Assistant

Rachel BaumhoverPhone: 612-625-5080
Email: baum0485@umn.edu

Rachel joined the China Center and Confucius Institute after working as a student office assistant with the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance Dean's Office for two years. Rachel is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with degrees in both Journalism and Global Studies, with a focus on ESL Education. She has always been interested in working with the international community, and has formally studied Spanish, Russian, and Arabic. In Summer 2014, her passion for travel led to studying abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she studied Russian Language and Culture and worked as an English teacher. She has previously worked as an intern at the University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center, as well as in nonprofit settings. Rachel has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East -- with plans to have China as her next stop.



Wanling Qu, China Office Coordinator


Wanling QuPhone: 86-10-8532 4068 (China)
Email: wanling@umn.edu

Wanling Qu has been an advocate of expanded academic, business, and cultural exchange between China and the United States since becoming director of the Freshman Program at the Cultural Exchange College of Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) in the early 2000s. She has earned degrees in International Business and English from SISU, as well as a Master of Arts in Human Resources and Industrial Relations (HRIR) from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Wanling’s professional background includes working for premier institutions of higher education and large corporations in both China and America. Wanling speaks fluent Chinese and English, and is passionate to develop the China Office into a conduit to rapidly and effectively advance the China Center’s mission.



琼 • 布热金斯基,执行主任

电话: 612-625-5080
邮件: brzez001@umn.edu

孔子学院院长,中国中心执行主任琼• 布热金斯基毕业于汉姆林大学东亚历史系并获得圣•托马斯大学国际管理学硕士学位 。 琼就读于汉姆林大学期间,曾被选送前往北京大学参加交流学习项目。该项目也是北京大学与美国私立大学之间的第一个本科交流项目。

琼在中美旅游市场营销和运营及中美商务谘询方面有超过二十年的工作经验。她曾到过中国三十多次,足迹遍步中国大陆、香港和台湾。琼于1997年加入中国中心并主管中国中心业务与活动。 2008年,琼成为明尼苏达大学孔子学院的首位院长。期间,她帮助明尼苏达州和中国汉办达成了国家级的教师访问项目,为明尼苏达的中文教师组织了诸多专业发展讲座和研讨会,为当地学校引进了大批高质量的中文项目以促进中国文化在明州的传播。







电话: 612-626-2287
邮件: bai@umn.edu

白雪负责协调中国中心的奖学金项目、社区参与和企业合作。 她积极推进中国中心与明州各界的良好关系,促进校外社区与师生的互动,期待中国中心为明州与中国的商业、教育、文化交流做出更多的贡献。 在加入中国中心之前, 她就职于明尼苏达大学卡尔森商学院的国际项目办公室,负责部份亚洲、南美洲和欧洲国家的短期海外学习项目。来明尼苏达州之前,白雪在位于北京的中国技术创新公司做北美和西欧市场拓展工作。她本科毕业于中国北京的外交学院英语和国际研究专业,后获得明尼苏达大学公共政策硕士学位(杭弗瑞公共事务学院)和工商管理硕士学位(卡尔森管理学院)。






电话: 612-625-2913
邮件: maxx0153@umn.edu

春慧在中国,加拿大 和美国三个国家生活过。她曾将自己的中国文化背景和对北美文化的深度了解运用在她之前的工作中。在加拿大的时候, 她多次给派往中国和亚洲国家的跨囯公司雇员及家属提供了跨文化沟通方面的培训和咨询。在美国伊利诺伊州期间,她在芝加哥罗斯福大学任EMBA项目的主管。该EMBA项目为中囯的政府官员及国企高管提供了管理方面的培训。作为明大培训学院的主管, 她希望能将其以往的经验 ,跨文化沟通的专长和对迁移学习的研究兴趣结合起来用于培训项目的开发和实施过程中。她力求为来自中国的培训人员更好地开发量身定制的项目并给他们提供一个有效的学习平台。






电话: 612-626-9386






电话: 612-624-2372

在2014年的夏天,王倩就以学生助理的身份加入了中国中心明大培训项目。现在 ,她将以项目培训专员的身份继续为中国中心服务。王倩在明尼苏达大学第二语言 与文化专业取得了教育硕士的学位。 除了学术知识外,她也通过担任助教、外交 陪同翻译、新东方托福雅思口语老师等职务获得了许多同跨文化交际与教学相关的 第一手资料。作为一个跨文化交际者,她希望可以促进不同文化族群之间的互动交 流与理解。 本着这样的理念, 她希望可以成为促进中美之间交流的桥梁。




电话: 612-624-0016

何凤在明尼苏达大学取得了全球研究的本科学位,现在正在教育和人类发展学院进修比较国际发展教育的硕士学位。何凤在明尼阿波利斯的South高中开始了她的中文学习,在十一年级的时候,她曾去中国北京参加了一个学期的高中海外留学项目。之后她回到美国在明尼苏达大学和Lewis & Clark 大学继续中文学习。何凤在中国儿童收养机构和文化艺术等教育中心工作过,在非盈利部门工作方面有丰富的经验。作为社区项目专员,何凤组织和协调中国中心的多项活动。







王佩霜, 项目专员

电话: 612-625-5210

在明尼苏达大学取得全球化研究和亚洲语言文学双学士学位后,王佩霜成为了中国中心的一员。她参加过由美国国务院赞助的国家安全语言促进项目青少年组在中国学习,参加过明尼苏达大学杭弗瑞公共行政管理学院的中国访问项目,之后在台湾也学习过中文。在本科阶段,佩霜积极参与校园生活:她是苗族裔美国学生会的成员之一, 并作为高年级生为在校长新兴学者计划中为一年级新生提供入学指导, 同时她也供力于汉弗莱公共事务学院的研究和社区参与学者计划。佩霜也曾参与亚太裔美国人领导力会议,并在华盛顿特区的一个有关国际教育的非营利组织中实习。她的研究和专业兴趣包括国际教育和发展,文化保护,难民与移民的文化导入以及公民参与。






包瑞雪, 执行办公室和行政助理

电话: 612-625-5080

包瑞雪在加入中国中心和孔子学院之前,已经有两年在国际项目与规划部部长办公 室任职学生办公室助理的经验。瑞雪毕业于明尼苏达大学并获得新闻与全球研究的 双学位,她的研究重点是ESL教育。她一直有意愿在国际事务领域工作,并已正式 学过西班牙语,俄语和阿拉伯语。在2014年夏天,她对待旅游的热情让她前往俄罗 斯圣彼得堡留学,在那里她学习俄罗斯语言和文化,并当过英语教师。她曾在明尼 苏达州大学留学中心和非营利部担任实习生。瑞雪在整个欧洲,拉丁美洲和中东地 区都有广泛的游历 -- 并计划将中国作为她的下一站。





电话: 86-10-8532 4068
邮件: wanling@umn.edu