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Bai Chunli and Robert Bruininks

Sister State Visitors

Zhao Zhengyong, governor of Minnesota’s sister state Shaanxi, led a delegation to Minnesota on April 13 and 14 to meet with newly elected Governor Mark Dayton.  While here, the delegation also visited preeminent Minnesotans and Minnesota organizations including former Vice President Walter Mondale, 3M, the U.S.-China People’s Friendship Association, and the University of Minnesota. While at the University, Governor Zhao toured campus and met with Associate Vice President and Dean of International Programs Meredith McQuaid.

The sister state relationship between Minnesota and Shaanxi was established in October 1982. Shaanxi is perhaps most famous for the “Terracotta Army” discovered in the city of Xi’an and exhibited all over the world.

Pictured Above: Associate Vice President and Dean of International Programs Meredith McQuaid, Shaanxi Governor Zhao Zhengyong, and Confucius Institute Director and Interim China Center Director Joan Brzeznski in front of a replica of a terra cotta warior from Xi’an, Shaanxi at the University International Center.












4月13至14日,明尼蘇達姊妹州——中國陝西省省長趙正永率領代表團訪問明州並會見了新任州長Mark Dayton。訪問期間,代表團會見了明尼蘇達各界代表並訪問了明州著名企事業單位,包括前副總統Walter Mondale、3M公司、美中人民友好協會代表和明尼蘇達大學。在明尼蘇達大學訪問時,趙省長游覽了校園並會見了明大副校長兼國際項目院長Meredith McQuaid。


*明大副校長兼國際項目院長Meredith McQuaid、陝西省省長趙正永、明大孔子學院院長兼中國中心代理主任Joan Brzeznski在位於明大國際中心的兵馬俑複製品前合影留念。