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Zaidi Donates to University Library in China

Former China Center Advisory Council President Mahmood Zaidi recently made a large donation of materials to the James T. Wu Library of the Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen University in China. Zaidi—a distinguished international emeritus professor, professor emeritus of human resources, and founding director of international programs at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management—has a close relationship with Lingnan (University) College and its students.

In his role as director of international programs for the Carlson School of Management, he was charged with developing an executive MBA program based in China. That program, CHEMBA (China Executive MBA in Guangzhou, China), is offered through a partnership between the Carlson School and Lingnan (University) College.

Zaidi’s donation to the James T. Wu Library consisted of 137 boxes of books and professional journals in economics and management to benefit CHEMBA students. The reaction of the donation from past students was overwhelming:

“Giving away something you treasured in your life and career again exemplified your greatest love and passion for us, for CHEMBA, and for China.” (CHEMBA VII graduate)

“We are really touched with your deep love to our CHEMBA program. Thank you so much for your care and contribution to CHEMBA and all alumni and candidates! We believe what you left with us is a true legacy that inspires all CHEMBA alumni and candidates to do the same.” (CHEMBA V graduate)

“All CHEMBA students appreciate your contribution and will continue your dream to be excellent.” (CHEMBA VII graduate)

CHEMBA is one of the three Global Executive MBA Programs offered by the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. In 1999, the CHEMBA Program received the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and its first students were enrolled in 2001. After successfully completing the program requirements, students in all three EMBA programs earn the globally recognized MBA degree from the University of Minnesota. CHEMBA celebrates its 10th year in 2011.

Zaidi was a member of the China Center Advisory Council (CCAC) from 1985 to 2007, serving under three different China Center directors. During his term as president of the CCAC (from 2004 to 2006), he oversaw the China Center’s 25th anniversary celebration. He was honored in 2008 for his years of service on the CCAC and for his efforts to encourage faculty and student exchange, expand research and professional collaboration and strengthen the bridges between the University and greater China.

Pictured above: The head librarian of the James T. Wu Library of Lingnan (University) College with some of the boxes of materials donated by Mahmood Zaidi.

Jasmine Wu in front of the Birdsnest stadium in Beijing


日前,前中國中心顧問委員會委員長Mahmood Zaidi教授向中國中山大學嶺南學院伍舜德圖書館捐贈了一批文獻資料。 Zaidi教授是明尼蘇達大學卡爾森管理學院傑出的國際名譽教授,人力資源系名譽教授,他同時也是卡爾森管理學院國際項目創始人。他和嶺南學院及其學生保持著密切的聯繫。




“我們被您對CHEMBA項目的深深熱愛所感動。感謝您的關愛和對CHEMBA項目及所有校友和學生的慷慨捐贈!我們相信您留給我們的寶貴財富將鼓舞所有CHEMBA校友和學生做出同樣的貢獻” 。(CHEMBA項目第五屆畢業生)

“所有CHEMBA同學感激您的捐贈並將繼續您把一切做到最好的夢想” 。(CHEMBA項目第七屆畢業生)

CHEMBA項目是明大卡爾森管理學院提供的三個高级管理人员工商管理硕士項目之一。 1999年,CHEMBA項目得到了中國教育部和國務院學位委員會的批准。 2001年,項目開始招收第一批學員。在順利完成所有學位項目要求後,這三個高级管理人员工商管理硕士項目的學員們將被明尼蘇達大學授予全世界承認的工商管理碩士學位。 2011年,CHEMBA項目慶祝了十週年紀念 。

1985年至2007年,Zaidi教授作為中國中心顧問委員會(CCAC)的成員,分別輔佐過三任中國中心主任。在擔任CCAC委員會主席期間(2004至2006年),他監管了中國中心25週年慶典。 2008年,Zaidi教授被授予CCAC榮譽榮譽貢獻獎,以表彰他為CCAC的多年服務,以及他為鼓勵師生互訪交換、擴大研究與專業合作、加強明大與中國的溝通交流所做出的努力。

*嶺南學院伍舜德圖書館館長與一批Mahmood Zaidi教授捐贈的文獻資料。