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American Cultural Center hosts first visitors

The American Cultural Center (ACC) hosted its first visitors on May 16 by First Secretary from the U.S. Embassy,Greg D'Elia, and Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy, Tom Skipper. The guests met with ACC program coordinator Daniel Konold and Tianjin University of Sport Vice President Zhang who introduced the guests to the history and details of the University. The group was lead on a tour to several departments on campus including sports law, sports culture, and kinesiology.

Mr. Skipper was impressed with the proposal and has been following the progression of the ACC since the beginning stages. He is interested in the ACC because of its focus on sports and offered Mr. Konold several ideas on collaboration opportunities. Mr. Skipper’s offerings included connecting with the major league baseball office in Beijing, the possibility of developing a joint exhibition with the Tianjin Dodgers baseball team, and using the resources of the embassy library where the Motion Picture Association of America has issued a license to show culture-related movies at no cost. Both Mr. Skipper and Mr. D’Elia are looking forward to more work with the ACC to continue the sports culture exchange between the U.S. and China.

The American Cultural Center for Sport is funded by a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of State and is a partnership between the University’s China Center and School of Kinesiology and the Tianjin University of Sport in Tianjin, China.


中美體育文化交流中心(ACC)於2012年05月16日接待了來自美國駐華大使館的官員訪問。美國大使館公共事務一等秘書Greg D'Elia 和公使銜參贊Tom Skipper在ACC項目協調員Daniel Konold 和天津體育大學副校長張先生的陪同下,對大學的歷史和詳細現狀進行了深入瞭解,並參觀了體育法、體育文化、運動學等學校部門。

Skipper 參贊自從ACC籌建階段就一直予以密切關注與支持。他對ACC在體育文化上的側重點非常感興趣,並對Konold協調員提出了一些合作機會的設想。Skipper 參贊的提議包括:聯繫在北京的大聯盟棒球辦公室、與天津道奇棒球隊協辦展覽、以及與美國電影協會特許免費播放電影的美國大使館圖書館共享資源。Skipper 參贊和 D'Elia 秘書對ACC促進美中體育文化交流寄予厚望。