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American Cultural Center Grand Opening in Tianjin

On March 20 the University of Minnesota celebrated the grand opening of the American Cultural Center, a unique center that will share U.S. culture with Chinese people through the medium of sport. The University of Minnesota delegation included Robert Jones, Joan Brzezinski, Dr. Li Li Ji, Dr. Nicole LaVoi, Wanling Qu, and Daniel Konold. Dr. LaVoi, associate director of the University of Minnesota’s Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, delivered a keynote titled, "The Evolution of American College Sport & the Role of Females," at the inaugural celebration and opening ceremonies.

The American Cultural Center for Sport is funded by a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of State and is a partnership between the University’s China Center and School of Kinesiology and the Tianjin University of Sport in Tianjin, China. The American Cultural Center will take advantage of the many resources of the University of Minnesota, including its highly ranked School of Kinesiology and its NCAA Division I athletics programs

The main objective of the center is to demonstrate to the Chinese people how sport culture and values are integrated into the larger American society and how these cultural values influence American viewpoints, global outlook and engagement in everything from business and politics to arts and communication. The center will organize events and provide resources such as athletic exchanges and collaborations, guest lectures by university faculty and other experts, a reading room of print and online resources, and training for teachers to integrate the culture of sport into their curricula.


中美體育文化交流中心於二零一二年三月二十日在天津舉行盛大的成立儀式。中美體育文化交流中心旨在通過體育向中國人民介紹美國文化。出席儀式的明尼蘇達大學代表有:高級副校長羅伯特·瓊斯博士、中國中心執行主任兼孔子學院院長瓊·布熱津斯基、運動科學學院院長吉力立博士、Tucker女子體育研究中心副主任尼科爾·拉瓦錫博士、北京辦事處主任屈婉玲和美國文化中心主任丹尼爾·康納德。尼科爾·拉瓦錫博士就 “美國大學體育與女性角色的變遷” 做了主題演講。