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Mingda Institute for Leadership Training hosts upper executives

The China Center's intrepid Mingda Institute for Leadership Training hosted a delegation comprised of upper executives from AVIC-INTL Project Engineering Company (Beijing) May 7-11, 2012. Intent on studying western project management techniques, the delegation enjoyed five lectures taught by University of Minnesota faculty and Minneapolan entrepreneurs, as well as company visits to local Fortune 500 companies Best Buy, 3M, and Wells Fargo. The highlight of the week was a day-long visit to the city of Duluth, where the delegation toured the Cirrus Aircraft manufacturing floor, met with engineers and the marketing team, and were thrilled by a daring flight over Lake Superior in two single engine aircraft. The week was topped off by a graduation ceremony and banquet held at the McNamara Alumni Center during which the delegation leader enumerated the objectives gained while attending the training program and expressed his desire to return to Minnesota one day.


2012年五月七日至十二日,培訓項目接待了中航國際項目工程公司的代表團。代表團和明大傑出的教授及明州商業領袖們進行了五場座談,參觀了以百思買、富國銀行、3M為代表的500強企業。 培訓的亮點是代表團赴德盧斯市參觀了西銳航空製造廠的車間,與西銳的工程師和營銷人員座談,並乘坐小型飛機遊覽了蘇必利爾湖上空。培訓團的畢業儀式和歡送宴會在典雅的麥可娜馬拉校友中心舉行,團長對明大培訓學院幫助培訓團圓滿達成此行的目的表示感謝, 對未來重遊明州表示期待。