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Mingda Institute for Leadership Training Hosts Third, and Final, Training Delegation of Summer 2012

Historically, Chinese training groups coming to the University of Minnesota for specialized continuing development training have been very focused on their studies. This was never more the case than with the training delegation from the Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) this summer. In the United States for nearly a month, the BJUT group attended over twenty lectures and workshops taught by U of M distinguished faculty and notable business community members covering various components of higher education policy and administration in US universities. Although the lectures were slated to last for approximately two hours, the delegates were so fascinated by the lecture topics and so eager to learn more, that the lecturer often spent an additional half an hour to 45 minutes answering questions at the conclusion of the presentation. These administrators were determined to take full advantage of their training program in order to bring new and innovative ideas back to the BJUT campus in Beijing.

As a complement to the training program, the Mingda Training Program was also able to arrange several one-on-one meetings for the BJUT administrators with their US counterparts. This enabled a specialist in a particular field to go in-depth on his or her chosen topic, while the rest of the group enjoyed lunch at one of nearby Dinkytown's charming locales. The training program also included visits to several area colleges and universities, including St. Cloud State University, Hamline University, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Following the delegation's on-campus training and in order to compare the US private and public higher education systems, they visited three universities on the west coast: Stanford University, University of Southern California, and University of California-Berkeley. Of course, no visit to the United States is complete without a couple of shopping trips on the side, so shop they did! The evening before their return to China, the delegates expressed their profound appreciation to the China Center for creating and scheduling a program so attuned to their training needs. The China Center looks forward to continuing the long-term working relationship with the Beijing University of Technology, and to welcoming another BJUT training group in the near future.

明大培訓學院2012年夏季培訓 圓滿畢業

以往明大培訓學院接待的中國培訓訪問團都希望參加針對具體學科領域的培訓課程,而今年北京工業大學赴美暑期培訓團卻表現出了更廣泛的學習興趣和目標。在明尼蘇達大學接受培訓的四周期間,北京工業大學的老師們參加了 由明大傑出的教授和專家主持的二十多個講座和研討會,議題覆蓋美國高等教育政策和管理的各個層面。


作為對綜合培訓大綱的補充,明大培訓學院還根據一些培訓團員的具體要求,安排了與美國同行的一對一交流見面會。 所以當多數培訓學員在學校附近的Dinkytown地區享受夏日午餐的同時,一些培訓學員去深入了解了自己的專業領域在美國高校的實踐情況。此次培訓課程還包括訪問明尼蘇達州地區其他著名高校, 包括聖克勞德州立大學、哈姆萊大學、明尼阿波利斯社區技術學院和美國明尼蘇達大學德盧斯分校。