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Chinese Ministry of Education Delegation Visit

Twelve officials from organizations affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) visited the University of Minnesota campus on April 25 and 26, 2013 as part of a larger program administered by the National Committee on US-China Relations. The Ministry of Education is the central agency of the State Council responsible for the planning and management of all levels and forms of education in mainland China, in collaboration with three dozen affiliated organizations. These organizations work in policy research; implementation and supervision; information management; funding and scholarship provision; media and communication; and technology. They also provide support to students and academic institutions.

The delegation members were interested in learning about the American higher education system, including federal and state government policy; the role of NGOs and their collaboration with the US Department of Education; and how colleges and universities operate. While visiting the U of M, the delegates learned about academic administration at higher education institutions, including accreditation, curriculum development, quality assurance, and staff training, among other topics.

Delegates hailed from the following government organizations in China:



代表团成员们对美国高等教育体系,譬如联邦政府与州政府的教育政策、非政府组织的作用及其与联邦政府教育部的合作关系,学院和学校之间的合作等非常感兴趣。在访问明尼苏达大学期间,他们进一步了解了高等教育机构管理部门的职能,包括资认证置、 办、师资等。