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The 15th Annual Bob and Kim Griffin "Building U.S.-China Bridges Lecture"

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, over 160 guests attended the annual Bob and Kim Griffin Building U.S.-China Bridges Lecture hosted by the University of Minnesota China Center. This year’s keynote speaker was author and one of China's leading global strategy consultants Dr. Edward Tse.

Tse is founder and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company, a pre-eminent global strategy and management consulting firm in China. He is author of 2010’s “China Strategy” and 2015’s bestseller “China’s Disruptors: How Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent, and Other Companies are Changing the Rules of Business.” He formerly led the China business of the Boston Consulting Group and Booz Allen Hamilton/Booz & Company, respectively for a period of 20 years and was a leader of the team who set up and led China’s first government-authorized office in Shanghai among all international strategy consulting firms in the early 1990s.

At the lecture entitled “China’s Disruptors: How Leading Chinese Entrepreneurial Companies are Changing China and the World,” Tse discussed the differences between Chinese and American entrepreneurism and the changing business dynamics in both countries. He mentioned China has become one of the global innovation hubs in inventing new business model and technologies, which brings tremendous opportunities for Chinese local companies to embrace globalization.  A question and answer session and a signing of Tse’s “China’s Disruptors” followed the keynote.

This year’s event marked the fifteenth year of the lecture series that is endowed through a generous gift from Bob and Kim Griffin.  The Griffins are committed to promoting mutual respect between U.S. and Chinese cultures and are passionate about connecting people with China.

Watch videos from the lecture:


2016年4月19日,超过160位嘉宾出席了由明尼苏达大学中国中心主办的第十五届格理芬美中友谊桥讲座,今年的演讲嘉宾是知名全球战略和管理咨询顾问、高风咨询公司的创始人兼总裁谢祖墀博士。 高风公司总部设在香港和上海,是一家世界顶尖的战略和管理咨询公司。作为中国最富实战经验的管理咨询专家之一,谢博士有二十多年从事管理咨询和公司高层管理的经验。1990年代和2000年代,他曾任麦肯锡公司咨询顾问、波士顿咨询公司副总裁、博思艾伦咨询公司副总裁、博思管理顾问公司大中华区总裁等职位,拓展和率领中国业务。近年来他为众多的中国企业高管提供关于公司战略运营的战略咨询。他著有2010年畅销书《中国战略》及2015年畅销书《中国商业颠覆者:阿里巴巴、小米、腾讯和其他中国公司如何改变中国与世界的商业规则》。

China's Disruptors

在讲座中,谢博士探讨了中国和美国企业家的创业精神异同,以及中美两国的经贸发展和商业环境变化如何影响创业家的决策。 中国已经成为全世界商业创新的孕育中心之一, 这给中国企业及其国际化带来无数机会,无论是未来商业模式技术的创新,还是科技的创新, 都有可能来自中国。讲座之后还举办了谢博士的签书见面会。

明尼苏达大学中国中心的年度格理芬搭建美中友谊桥梁讲座由Bob和Kim Griffin夫妇于2001年慷慨赞助。Griffin 夫妇希望借此基金为子女和明尼苏达州留下文化传统,并表达他们致力于深化美中文化交流和增进两国人民友好关系的心愿。