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Griffin Lecture Series

Building a legacy for their children and for Minnesota, Bob and Kim Griffin created an endowment fund at the China Center to establish the “Bob and Kim Griffin Building U.S.- China Bridges Lecture.” The Griffin’s substantial gift reflects their commitment to promoting the mutual respect between the two cultures and their passion to connect people to China.

Bob Griffin is Founder and CEO of Griffin International Companies, which he formed in 1997. Under Griffin’s leadership as founder and CEO, Griffin International Companies has become one of the country’s leading sales and marketing firms. With extensive work in ASIA and the U.S. with retailers like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and Apple, Griffin International has been a leading voice of mutual understanding in the retail community.

Past Lectures

The Bob and Kim Griffin Building U.S.-China Bridges Lectures have featured many outstanding speakers and China experts including:

  • 2016 Dr. Edward Tse, founder and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company, “China’s Disruptors: How Leading Chinese Entrepreneurial Companies are Changing China and the World. Watch video of the lecture

  • 2015 Evan Osnos, former New Yorker correspondent, Age of Ambition: Truth, Faith, and Fortune in China. Watch video of lecture
  • 2014 Jon Huntsman, former U.S. ambassador to China, China: Opportunities and Challenges. Watch video of lecture
  • 2013 Ted Fishman, author of bestseller "China, Inc." China, Inc.? China, Partners? Or China, Limited? A look at the future of China and the world in its influence. Download audio file of lecture (84.7 MB)
  • 2012 Amy Chua, professor at Yale Law School and author of best seller "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," Increasing Mutual Understanding Between U.S. and China Download audio file of lecture (76.5 MB)
  • 2005 Dr. Arthur Rolnick, a senior vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis: Dollars vs. RMB: What Does Devaluation of the Chinese Currency Mean for the U.S. Economy? Download audio file of lecture (12.5 MB)
  • 2004 Panel discussion with Mr. Michael Jemal, president of Haier America; Mr. Charles Lee, author of the book, Cowboys and Dragons: Shattering the Cultural Myths to advance Chinese/American Business; and Counselor Tian Jun of the Economic Affairs Office at the Chinese Embassy, chief negotiator of the China’s Accession to WTO
  • 2003 Professor Jiang Zhenghua, vice chairman, Standing Commmitte of the National People’s Congress of China: China’s New Leadership: China’s Perspectives on U.S.-China Relations
  • 2002 Dr. David Aikman, a senior fellow at Washington’s Ethics and Public Policy Center and a former senior correspondent of Time Magazine: U.S.-Chinese Relations in the Global Context
  • 2001 Mr. John Holden, president of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations; Professor Qi Xiyu, People’s University, Beijing, China; and Regents Professor Leonid Hurwicz, Department of Economics, University of Minnesota: China’s Western Development


Bob and Kim Griffin美中友谊桥讲座基金由Bob和Kim Griffin夫妇于2001年在明尼苏   达大学中国中心捐赠创立。Griffin 夫妇希望借此基金为子女和明尼苏达州留下文化传统,并表达他们致力于深化美中文化交流和增进两国人民友好关係的心愿。

 Bob Griffin是Griffin国际集团的创始人和首席执行官。他于1997年创建该公司并将其发展为全美领先的销售及营销企业。通过在亚洲及美国与包括百思买、塔吉特、沃尔玛和苹果公司在内的大型零售商的密切合作,Griffin国际集团已成为全球零售界内的领袖公司之一。



Bob and Kim Griffin 美中友谊桥梁讲座的演讲嘉宾不乏杰出人士和中国专家,包括:

  • 2015 前《纽约客》驻华记者、普利策新闻奖得主欧逸文,“野心时代:在新中国追逐财富、真理和信念” 在线观看视频
  • 2014 前任美国驻华大使洪博培,“中国: 机遇与挑战” 在线观看视频
  • 2013 全美畅销书作者费晓闻, ”中国公司:下一个超级大国的崛起如何挑战美国和世界“ 下载音频文件
  • 2012 耶鲁大学法学院教授蔡美尔,“虎妈战歌-如何促进美中两国的相互理解” 下载音频文件
  • 2011 塔夫斯大学城市及环境政策与规划系教授吴维平, “中国人口迁徙与城市发展” 下载音频文件
  • 2010 前美国驻香港总领事Burton Levin, “美中关系:毁坏于误解” 下载音频文件
  • 2008: 前美国国家广播电台驻中国通讯员、现美国国家广播电台伦敦分部首席代表Rob Gifford, “中国之路:大国崛起的未来之旅” 下载音频文件
  • 2007: 布鲁金斯学会约翰桑顿中国中心主任、前美国驻纳米比亚大使Jeffrey Bader, “中国与中东:变革、稳定、挑战” 下载音频文件
  • 2006: 经济学家Pieter Bottelier教授,“以中国的经验来观察印度的增长” 下载音频文件
  • 2005: 明尼阿波利斯联邦储备银行高级副主席兼研究主管Arthur Rolnick博士 人民币贬值对美国经济究竟意味着什么?下载音频文件
  • 2004: 讨论会: 中国入世主要谈判人田军,海尔公司美国总裁Michael Jemal,《牛仔与龙》的作者Charles Lee博士
  • 2003: 全国人大常委会副委员长蒋正华教授, “中国新一届领导人:中国对美中关系的观点
  • 2002: 华盛顿伦理与公共政策中心高级研究员、前时代杂志资深记者David Aikman博士, “全球背景下的美中关系”
  • 2001: 美中关系协会主席John Holden先生,中国人民大学教授齐希余,明尼苏达大学经济学院校董会讲座教授 Leonid Hurwicz, “中国西部大开发”