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Andrew Lee is a Global Studies student in the College of Liberal Arts. He was awarded the Chinese Government Scholarship to spend the 2011-2012 academic year in China. He said the opportunity was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of his life.

“I was thrilled to be immersed in such a vast, vibrant, and cosmopolitan city, where I was able to witness the face of modern China through Pudong’s futuristic skyline and experience the high-speed rail system,” he exclaimed. “At the same time, I discovered the glamour of 1930s Shanghai through the historical bund and its architecture. Not only did I learn tremendously about the city, but also broadened my understanding of modern Chinese life and culture.”

He is grateful that he was awarded the scholarship and his hopeful that he will return to China in the near future.

安德魯·李是明尼蘇達大學文理學院全球性研究專業的本科生。他獲得中國政府奬學金,於2011秋季學期至2012春夏學期在位於中國上海的華東師範大學學習。他認為這段經歷是他生活中最令人興奮和有意義的經歷之一。 “我很興奮自己沈浸在這樣一個巨大充滿活力的國際化城市,通過浦東充滿活力的城市風景線和高速鐵路系統,我見證了現代中國的風貌,”他說, “同時,我通過外灘的建築感受到20世紀30年代舊上海的魅力。 我不僅學習上海這個城市,而且更深入地理解現代中國人的生活和文化。”他很感激這個奬學金的機會,並希望不久的將來能夠會回到中國發展。