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Dahren Yen is a psychology major in the College of Liberal Arts with a minor in management. He received a Red Pockets Scholarship to spend the 2010 spring semester at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

This is what Dahren had to say about his experience after returning from the trip:

I cannot even begin to describe my semester abroad in Hong Kong, other than it was probably the best five months of my life.  From traveling around Asia to making brand new friends around the world, every second was amazing. It also so happened to be my first time ever in Asia, which meant I was finally able to see and experience where I came from. People had told me throughout college that studying abroad was one of the best decisions they ever made, but I always thought they were over exaggerating. Well now here I am today telling you that, this was by far the BEST decision I had ever made. Thank you to all the donors for all your support in getting me to Hong Kong!


Dahren Yen是明大文學院的學生,主修心理學專業,輔修 管理學 專業 。他獲得了中國中心紅口袋獎學金的資助,在香港科技大學2010年春季學習了一個學期。


我覺得很難描述這一學期我在香港學習的經歷,這也許是我一生中最美好的五個月。無論是在亞洲旅行,還是結交來自世界各地的新朋友,每一秒鐘都無比精彩。這也是我的第一次 亞洲行,我終於能夠親眼看到、親身 經歷 我父輩的 出生 地 。儘管很多同學之前就告訴我,出國遊學 是他們一生中做過的最好的選擇,但我總覺得有點誇張。可是,今天在這裡我要告訴你們,這確實是我至今為止做出的最棒的選擇。我感謝所有那些資助我前往香港學習的捐贈者,謝謝你們!