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Emilie Kopp is a second year master’s student studying architecture in the College of Design. As a recipient of the Red Pocket Scholarship she participated the 2014 Art Space New York/China May term course.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

My purpose for my study abroad to China was research – I was part of a small group of graduate architecture students chosen to measure and draw artist studio spaces and interview modern and contemporary Chinese artists. This research served an overarching umbrella for other projects while abroad, including an artist installation in the Dashilar district of Beijing  working collaboratively with our peers from Tianjin and Southeaster Universities and presenting our research to Urbanus, a Shenzhen-based architecture and urban design firm. I chose to partake in this research because of my interest in artist spaces and the shifting international art market from the United States to China, but also because I am about to begin my final year as a student in architecture, preparing to propose a final project. I needed to be inspired by design, and China provided that inspiration in spades. I will be forever grateful to the China Center and China for my experience and am looking forward to when I can return to continue research and to be inspired once again.