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James Hofmeister is a neuroscience student at the College of Biological Sciences. He received the Hsiao Scholarship and Red Pocket Scholarship to spend spring 2012 at Shanghai Jiatong University in Shanghai. “I would like to thank the [Hsiao and Red Pocket scholarships] for providing me with this truly life-changing experience,” he said. “Exploring [Chinese] culture and making this journey has been the most eye opening adventure I have ever undertaken.”

詹姆斯·霍夫邁斯特是明尼蘇達大學生物科學學院神經科學專業的一名學生。他獲得了蕭氏獎學金紅口袋獎學金的資助,於2012年暑假在上海交通大學學習漢語。 “我想感謝這兩個奬學金給我提供了這個千載難逢的機會,”他說,“探索中國文化和這次跨國之旅讓我大開眼界”。