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Jasmine Wu—a double major in both the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Carlson School of Management—was selected for the 2009-10 Chinese Universities Exchange Program (CUEP). Jasmine also applied for and was awarded a Red Pocket Scholarship to help defray the costs associated with the exchange.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

Never did I expect to discover so much in Beijing, it has revealed itself to me as both a culturally-rich and fashionable/stylish city. My experiences range from weekend hikes in the old Hutongs (or narrow streets during the China's dynastic period) to trips at China's famous art museums and shopping streets; I learned an overwhelming amount in this diverse environment. As for my Chinese skills, Peking University provides various opportunities for students like me to communicate with local students and to interact with local businesses, so improvement is inevitable in the cultural context. Beijing has enhanced my life experiences academically, leisurely, and professionally. But most importantly, I'm having tons of fun! This trip has been a blast!


明大新聞與大眾傳播學院卡爾森管理學院雙學位學生 Jasmine Wu 被2009-10學年中國大學交換項目(CUEP)錄取。 她同時還申請並獲得了中國中心的紅口袋獎學金,以幫助她支付交換項目所需的部分費用 。

以下是她的經歷 介紹:

前往北京前,我從未期待過能有如此多的發現,然而事實向我展示了一個富有文化底蘊且流行時尚的現代都市。週末的時候,我穿梭於北京的老胡同(那些歷史悠久的狹窄街道),參觀中國著名的藝術博物館和購物街。 在這個多樣化的環境下,我增長了很多見識。為了提高我們的中文水平,北京大學為 我們提供了很多與當地學生及企業交流溝通的機會。在這樣的文化背景下,我的中文水平有了很大提高。北京這座城市在學習、娛樂和專業上極大豐富了我的生活。但最為重要的是,我玩得很開心!這次北京之行棒極了!