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Simone Dietzler is an Asian Languages and Literatures student in the College of Liberal Arts. She received both the Hsiao Scholarship and Red Pocket Scholarship to spend the 2011 summer at Sichuan University at Chengdu.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

“While I knew my trip to China would be amazing, I could never have imagined the experiences I would have there, the people I would meet, or the things I would learn about the culture – and about myself. I know without a doubt that after I complete my undergraduate degree, I will be hopping right back on a plane and heading out to continue exploring and learning about this incredible country.”


Simon Dietzler 是一个文理学院亚洲语言和文学专业的学生。她是萧氏奖学金和红口袋奖学金的获得者。奖学金用于其2011年夏季在位于成都的四川大学的学习。

以下是她的經歷 介紹: