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Cultural and Language Training Services

China is an immense market for U.S. businesses and an important supplier to U.S. manufacturers and consumers. The key to navigating the complex and often ambiguous business network in China is to not only follow the current business trends, but also develop an understanding of the subtle cultural and language aspects at play in interactions with China. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?


These questions (and maybe some you hadn't thought to ask) are the focus of the programming available to business professionals. The University of Minnesota China Center  partners with the the University of Minnesota Confucius Institute to provide culture and language instruction with a business focus to help you, your coworkers, and employees bridge the cultural gap.

Available Programs

Basic Chinese Cultural Training (1.5 hours)

Includes an introduction to the Chinese communication styles, role play, explanation of institutional and individual hierarchy, protocol tips, and an examination of the role of guanxi in the development of networks. $675

Basic Chinese Language Training (1.5 hours)

Includes an introductory Chinese Mandarin course designed to build learning Chinese around vocabulary useful for business interactions in China. $675

Customized Training

Customized programs can be designed to fit the needs of your company and employees. Combine cultural training and language sessions with economic updates, business trends, industrial analysis and case studies. Contact us for quotes.







初级汉语培训 (90分钟)