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Translation Service

On-Campus Events and Meetings

Depending on staff availability, the China Center provides translation services to University of Minnesota system wide college and department clients. Oral translation services include administrative meetings, overseas programs collaboration, and visits of Chinese delegations.

University Agreements with Chinese Partners

Written translation service includes university legal contracts and agreements with Chinese partners universities. Please work with the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) on your agreements with overseas partner universities.

Business Cards (English to Chinese)

University of Minnesota faculy and staffs: Free of charge for university business cards. You will receive a printer-ready file to be printed when you submit your business card order to University Printing Services. Please email a scanned (PDF) copy of your English business card to

Non-University clients: $50 each for a word document with items on business card translated. This document can be used by your designer or card producer to create a Chinese version of your organization's card.

Other Documents

Please note that the China Center staffs are NOT certified translators who can provide translation of official documents such as diplomas, academic degrees, transcripts, birth certificates, driver's licences, and marriage certificates.

For other simple documents, the cost is $50 per hour, with a minimum charge of $50.  A rush fee of $50 may be applied to requests that require a faster turn-around than one business week. We encourage you to refer to the list of translating services agencies in the twin cities area compiled by the University of Minnesota International Students and Scholars Services Office. You may also contact the local Chinese travel agencies such as CIAC Travel or China Tribune.








中文名片 (英译中)





请注意中国中心没有认证翻译员,因此无法提供诸如毕业文凭、学位证书、成绩单、出生证明、驾驶执照、结婚证书等官方文件的翻译 。


不需官方认证翻译的简单文件翻译费用$50/小时,最低费用为$50。如需加急服务(少于一个工作周),需付$50加急费用。我们建议您参考明尼苏达大学国际学生学者办公室编写的双城地区翻译服务公司名单或者联系双城地区的华人旅行社(譬如 CIAC Travel or China Tribune)咨询翻译事宜。