St. Anthony Main Theatre
115 SE Main St
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Poster of film "Maineland"

Note: There is another showing on April 21.

The China Center is sponsoring the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival's showings of "Maineland." Miao Wang’s second feature documentary Maineland follows two teenage high school students from China who arrive at Fryeburg Academy in Maine looking forward to the 2012 fall semester and the prospect of future admission to U.S. universities.

The students, Zhu Xinyi who goes by Stella and He Junru who goes by Harry, navigate through a new cultural environment and find the adjustment to small town Maine to be more difficult than expected.

Both a commentary on the complexities of the education system and a story of adolescence, Wang’s documentary is most importantly about Stella and Harry, two young people who navigate the ever-changing world of education, social dynamics and culture to build their own futures in this Maineland.