The China Center's Mingda Institute for Leadership Training provides high-quality training and development programs for professionals from China. Founded in 2001, the Institute signed an Overseas Training Cooperation Framework Agreement with the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs of China. As of Spring 2017, the Institute has provided training for about 3,000 Chinese education administrators, faculty, government officials, business leaders, and college students. The Institute supports the China Center's mission of building U.S.-China bridges through training Chinese talent and developing partnerships with Chinese organizations and the Minnesota community.

Program Models

The Institute designs and implements programs that generally range from one week to three weeks. A typical program includes lectures and workshops with faculty and administrators of the University of Minnesota; and visits to related business, government, and other institutions in Minnesota, so that the delegates will be able to communicate and share experiences with experts and gain a deeper understanding of their professional fields.

Strengths of the Mingda Institute Training Program