Guangdong teachers attending Minnesota Chinese Language Teachers ConferenceTwenty-five high school teachers from multiple cities in Guangdong province attended a two-week Course Renovation and Class Innovation training program with the Mingda Institute. The program’s main designer was Dr. Katie Pekel from the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development, who has collaborated with Mingda for years in designing high-quality training programs for teachers.

In order to give delegates a broad view of K–12 education in Minnesota, the curriculum not only included classroom instruction, but also took teachers outside of the University to visit different schools and interact with students. Delegates said the highlights of their experience were school visits, class observations, and student panels. They were truly impressed with the students from Jieming Mandarin Immersion Academy and Breck Schools. They also were inspired by the innovative ideas from the Minnetonka Schools.

We would like to thank the schools, principals, teachers, and students for their hospitality, enthusiasm, and energy: Mounds View High School, St. Anthony Middle School, Breck School, Jieming Mandarin Immersion Academy, Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka Middle School East, and Minnetonka Scenic Heights Elementary School.


2018 Mingda delegation of teachers from Guangdong