The China Center has awarded the inaugural Sping Lin and Ying-Ngoh T. Lin Visiting Scholars fellowship to Dr. Andres Perez (pictured), director of the University of Minnesota Center for Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS). With this award of $7,500, Dr. Perez will be able to sponsor a top researcher from Guangxi CDC to visit the University for three months in summer 2018. The invited scholar, Dr. Xie Yihong, is the Deputy Head and Associate Chief Physician in the Division of Food Safety Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Guangxi CDC.

With Dr. Xie's focus on food safety, and training from Dr. Perez on risk assessment applied to fish health, the interaction will contribute to maintaining safe food supplies in a major developing area with one of the fastest growing populations on the globe. This collaboration between the U and a part of a provincial government in southern China will also advance the University's strategic goals through engagement in learning and research with a partner outside of traditional academia and the areas with more established relationships in China, like Beijing and Shanghai.