A photo of Dr. Kuei-Min ChenDr. Kuei-Min Chen, recent winner of the University of Minnesota’s Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals, will visit the University of Minnesota this fall to receive her award in person. Dr. Chen was nominated for the award by the University’s School of Nursing to recognize her groundbreaking work. The University’s China Center looks forward to her visit.

As an established gerontological health expert, Dr. Chen works to advance health and wellbeing of older adults in Taiwan and around the world. In her 30 years as a gerontological clinical nurse specialist, she has made significant contributions in her field that greatly benefit aging populations. Dr. Chen received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Gerontological Nursing from the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation focused on the use of tai chi with community dwelling elders, and she has expanded on this research throughout her career, concentrating on the efficacy of other complementary therapies with elders in a variety of settings. To read more information about Dr. Chen’s work and life, click here.

Dr. Chen will visit the University of Minnesota in the beginning of October to attend the Alumni Association’s Annual Awards Affair. The Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals is jointly sponsored by the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (GPS Alliance) and the University of Minnesota Alumni Association (UMAA).