Christina Truong

My study abroad experience in Hong Kong this past spring has been nothing but eye-opening. I have gained new insight and perspective as a result of putting myself out there. Personally, being immersed in Asian culture has taught me so much, including the importance of staying humble, carrying a strong work ethic, and preserving my roots.

One of my personal goals prior to leaving for Hong Kong was to reconnect with my culture. I was able to befriend many local friends who gave me a more intimate experience. They invited me to attend their Chinese New Year celebration and dinners with their families. Being able to partake in traditions I celebrated back home made them my second family.

Academically, I gained a deeper understanding of the work ethic many first generation students possess. My parents have always stressed the importance of a quality education and working hard for what you want. It wasn’t until I spent hours in the library with local students where I appreciated their care. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is one of the top universities in Asia and taking a strategic management class on Chinese companies through their business school was a valuable takeaway. I believe I learned a significant amount about the culture of Chinese businesses and their operations to bring that knowledge home and help build a stronger bridge of understanding between the Chinese and American people in business settings.