Joshua Gormaz

I spent a total of fifteen days in Beijing, China at Beijing Sport University where I had the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture as well as the importance of the Olympics on the culture of the country.

[My class] weas able to become educated in the amount of pride Beijing took in the Olympics that it hosted in 2008, as well as the Olympics it will be hosting in 2022. We took a variety of courses covering the amount of work and pride it took for China to hold these Olympic games. The amount of training their athletes are given, the vast amounts of money that are put into construction, and the amount of national pride that are combined for this event was extremely eye-opening to me. I found the course we were able to attend were extremely helpful in the Sports Management perspective as well as in the cultural experience perspective.

Although I am extremely happy to be back in the United States again, there will always be a part of me that will forever miss China. I am glad and lucky to have received the ability to fulfill this study abroad session and would not hesitate to do it once again in the future. I am confident to say that this study abroad session gave me a love for China!