Jiawen Ou in Shanghai

I fell in love with Shanghai during my three weeks there. Shanghai is such an amazing city. I like the Shanghai Center, which is the second tallest building in the world. I stood on the top of the building and could see a great view of the entire city. I liked the boat cuisine in Huangpu River because I liked the night view of Shanghai. I liked the Yu Garden with the Chinese elements' building.

I also liked how convenient life in China was. The only thing you had to bring was your phone because you could use the phone to pay everything, even order a movie ticket. I think Chinese WeChat is the most convenient technology in the world.

A lot of people had never been to China before, so they had cultural and language barriers. I personally grew up in China for many years, so I had some Chinese cultural backgrounds. I helped a lot of my classmates with Chinese translation during shopping or traveling. I was very happy to help them learn more about Chinese culture and accomplish their goals. Even though it was only a short three-week program, I met a lot of people who invited me to go to their countries sometimes in the future.

I plan to start my career in Shanghai in the future. During the site visits, one lady from Germany shared her personal story of starting her own business in Shanghai. She told us that she studied in Shanghai for three years and fell in love with the city. Even though she didn't know much about Chinese language and culture, she still maintains her own company very well with the help from friends. This makes me dream of my own business in China.