Resources for Faculty and Staff

The China Center provides many resources for faculty and staff who are seeking to create or enhance their scholarship, research, and relationships with China.

Assistance with China Activities

Research and Consulting

The China Center has a long history working with China and can advise you on many aspects of your China activities, including how to work with Chinese university partners, signing of memoranda of understanding (MOUs), due diligence in selecting partners, and other advice. Please contact the China Center at [email protected] to get started.

Intercultural Training

The University of Minnesota China Center provides culture and language instruction to departments to bridge the cultural gap. Topics include "Basic Chinese Cultural Training," "Basic Business Chinese," and custom options. Contact the China Center at [email protected] to learn more.

International Student and Scholar Services offers a range of intercultural workshops to help staff members gain greater cultural self-awareness, an understanding of the contributions of international students, and communication skills to improve interactions and relationships with international students, staff, and faculty.

Translation Services

The China Center provides limited translation assistance for University faculty, staff, and departments. 

  • University Agreements with Chinese Partners: Written translation service includes UMN legal contracts and agreements with Chinese partner universities. Please work with the Office of the General Counsel to draft your agreements with overseas partner universities. The China Center can provide advice and counsel on selecting and working with academic and institutional partners in the Greater China region.
  • Business Cards (English to Chinese): Free of charge for UMN business cards for faculty and staff. You will receive a printer-ready file that you can submit to the University's Printing Services for printing at your own expense. Please email a scanned (PDF) copy of your English business card to [email protected].

Funding for China Initiatives

International Travel Grants

The GPS Alliance offers International Travel Grants to faculty and P&A staff to support travel for research or conferences or initial project phases.

Sping Lin and Ying-Ngoh T. Lin China Center Visiting Scholars Initiative

This initiative offers awards to assist in bringing visiting scholars to the University of Minnesota to help strengthen academic exchange and research and extend the impact of mutual collaborations with China to the greater University of Minnesota campus and community. Learn more.

Hosting a J-1 Scholar from China

Invitation and Visa Process

If you would like to host a visiting scholar from China, your department must request a visa on the scholar's behalf. The faculty member must be interested in collaborating and mentoring the scholar during their stay here. International Student and Scholar Services helps you with the visa application process; however, the China Center can provide assistance during the process and support while the scholar is in Minnesota.

Funding Opportunity for J-1 Scholars

Through a generous donation, the Sping Lin and Ying-Ngoh T. Lin China Center Visiting Scholars Initiative offers funding to assist in  bringing Chinese scholars to the University to share their research and perspectives.