Signature Events

Logo for the Considering China webinar series

Considering China Webinar Series

The Considering China webinar series explores important topics related to China's many facets and encourages meaningful conversations and reflections.

Logo for Annual Bob and Kim Griffin Building U.S.-China Bridges Lecture

Bob & Kim Griffin Building U.S.-China Bridges Lecture

The annual Bob and Kim Griffin Building U.S.- China Bridges Lecture features experts in a wide range of China-related topics, from economics and business to culture and politics. 

Logo for the China Bridge Challenge

China Bridge Challenge

The China Bridge Challenge case competition invites student teams to identify a common challenge faced by the U.S. and China and find a solution that balances the interests and objectives of both countries.

Upcoming Events

Join us for a journey into the heart of the Qing Dynasty's imperial court with our upcoming webinar, featuring Dr. Daniel M. Greenberg.