Travel to China

The China Center and other units on campus provide a wealth of information and resources to support travel to China and the Greater China region by University faculty, staff, and students.

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Travel Logistics

China Office

The University's China Office in Beijing can provide advice and limited services to faculty and staff traveling to China on University business. The office also has individual workspace available with basic office amenities and rooms to host meetings.

Passports and Visa Photos

The UMN Passport Office is an official U.S. State Department passport acceptance facility. The Passport Office accepts passport applications and takes passport photos. Country-specific visa photos are also available.

International Travel Clinic

The International Travel Clinic at Boynton Health is an officially designated travel immunization center of the University of Minnesota. The clinic provides adult travel consultations, immunizations, International Certificates of Vaccination, and other health-related travel information for members of the University and the general public. 

Technology Issues in China

Accessing and using technology when in China can be challenging. Some University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty have been unable to access their UMN email and even some University websites while in China. Review the University's technology recommendations for anyone traveling to China.

Language and Culture

Translation Services

The China Center provides limited translation assistance for University faculty, staff, and departments. 

  • University Agreements with Chinese Partners: Written translation service includes U of M legal contracts and agreements with Chinese partner universities. Please work with the Office of the General Counsel to draft your agreements with overseas partner universities. The China Center can provide advice and counsel on selecting and working with academic and institutional partners in the Greater China region.
  • Business Cards (English to Chinese): Free of charge for U of M business cards for faculty and staff. You will receive a printer-ready file that you can submit to the University's Printing Services for printing at your own expense. Please email a scanned (PDF) copy of your English business card to [email protected]. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for turnaround.

Intercultural Training

The University of Minnesota China Center provides culture and language instruction to departments to bridge the cultural gap. Topics include Basic Chinese Cultural Training, Basic Business Chinese, and custom options. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

International Student and Scholar Services offers a range of intercultural workshops to help staff members gain greater cultural self-awareness, an understanding of the contributions of international students, and communication skills to improve interactions and relationships with international students, staff, and faculty.

Chinese Language Classes

For-credit Chinese language courses are offered by the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


China Center Scholarships and Exchanges

The China Center offers scholarships and exchanges to support study abroad and other educational experiences in the Greater China region for University of Minnesota students.

International Travel Grants

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance offers International Travel Grants to faculty and P&A staff to support travel for research or conferences or initial project phases.

Health and Safety

Student International Travel Registry

Students, graduate assistants, residents, and fellows are required to register their travel through the Student International Travel Registry, which will facilitate completion of the following requirements:

Faculty and Staff International Travel Registry

University policy requires all faculty and staff to register their international travel conducted for University purposes. Faculty and staff are also given the option to obtain University-approved international travel, health, and security insurance (insurance is mandatory for faculty and staff traveling with students).