The China Center's Mingda Institute for Leadership Training hosted 52 undergraduate and graduate students from Hubei University and Jingchu University of Technology from July 28 to August 17, 2018. For most of the students, it was their first time studying at a university in the United States and their first time to Minnesota. The three-week program gave students the opportunity to expand their global vision and prepare them to becoming culturally competent global citizens.

The program combined exceptional instruction from University of Minnesota faculty with diverse intercultural activities to expand both the student’s academic ability and cross-cultural literacy. The students attended lectures in a wide range of topics including GMO Food, Introduction to American Film Studies, and Education for a Global Citizen. Students also had the opportunity to experience the different teaching styles used in American classrooms. Professor David Baumler from the Department of Food Science and Nutrition gave an interactive and lively lecture on Food Safety in the U.S. He incorporated music into his teaching and made a huge impression on the Chinese students.

Students also experienced the culture of the American Midwest through a variety of extracurricular activities, including visiting Lake Superior, volunteering with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and touring the newly renovated State Capitol, which added a unique view to their experience in Minnesota.

“This period is one of the most amazing experiences in my student life. What I learned will influence me in the future…” — Yiwen Luo, participant


A group of program participants pose for a photo with their certificates